Eva Plaganyi

Senior Principal Research Scientist
Superstar of STEM 2019

Brisbane, QLD

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Dr Éva Plagányi is a senior principal research scientist based at CSIRO Ocean and Atmosphere, Brisbane, Australia. She is responsible for methods to reliably and effectively manage marine natural resources, as well as to progress towards an ecosystem approach to fisheries management, including MICE (Models of Intermediate Complexity for Ecosystem assessment). Her research involves stock assessment modelling, ecosystem modelling, management strategy evaluation (MSE) and climate change impacts and adaptations. She works closely with traditional owners in Torres Strait to integrate biological, social, cultural and economic factors. As a member of the Lenfest forage fish task force, she contributed to research on global management recommendations for forage fish. She has a dual biological and mathematical background, is an Australian Women in STEM superstar, has collaborated broadly and served on several scientific working groups, and published 96 articles including a FAO technical report on ecosystem approaches to fisheries management.