Elodie Camprasse

Research fellow
Deakin University
Science communicator
Blue Carbon Lab

Burwood, VIC

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Elodie studied marine biology and ecology during her BSc and MSc at various universities in Europe and in the United States. For her MSc thesis, she investigated the interactions between fishermen and threatened species including dugongs in Madagascar.

She worked as a research assistant for six months in the French Subantarctic territories and contributed to data collection for long-term monitoring programs on seabird and marine mammal colonies.

After this position, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she completed her PhD at Deakin University on seabird ecology. After her PhD, Elodie worked as a casual academic at Deakin University where she undertook various teaching and research duties. At nature-connection charity Remember The Wild, she led an initiative aimed at fostering stewardship for Naarm (Port Phillip Bay) and its connected waterways. Through this experience and various volunteer positions, she has developed a broad set of skills including public speaking, science communication, project management, grantsmanship and teamwork.

Elodie is working with the Blue Carbon Lab as project manager and science communicator. She is based in Melbourne, where she also work part-time as a research fellow. Her main responsibilities are the implementation of a citizen science program to gain a better understanding of great spider aggregations within Naarm and the provision of assistance with traditional research methods (underwater surveys, biologging, etc). Elodie is also a keen diver and underwater photographer