Doris Grosse

Instrumentation Scientist and Research Fellow
Australian National University
Mission Specialist Space Situational Awareness
ANU Institute for Space

Canberra, ACT

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I am fascinated by optics and photonics. It is amazing how versatile light and its properties are and what you can do and achieve by using light. Linking my interest of optics and photonics to space applications makes my work even more interesting. When it comes to space, I am most passionate about our closest space environment: the orbits around Earth. They are polluted with a lot of artificial objects called space debris. They were put into orbit by human kind over the last 60 years and we need to make sure, we preserve this environment so that we can continue to use itĀ for generations to come both for our quality of life as well as for space exploration. I have combined these two passions by using adaptive optics technology to contribute to the reduction of the amount of space debris. That way, I can support making our space environment sustainable and usable for generations to come.

Doris identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.