Cristy Burne

Author, science writer, presenter

Perth, WA

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Children’s author and science writer Cristy Burne has a passion for blending science and technology with creativity and literacy to enthuse, engage and inspire.

Cristy spent her childhood climbing trees, jumping drains, chasing runaway cows and inventing stories. She has worked as a science communicator for nearly 20 years across Australia, Japan, Switzerland, the UK, US, South Africa and beyond.

Cristy teaches at Curtin University, writes for the WA Museum, and contributes to CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine. She has also worked as a Santa’s pixie, garbage analyst and science circus performer. She loves commas and is a past editor of several publications including CSIRO’s Scientriffic and CERN’s iSGTW. She has degrees in biotechnology, science communication and professional writing.