Cheryl Praeger

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
The University of Western Australia

Nedlands, WA

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Cheryl Praeger is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Western Australia. She was the first pure mathematician appointed an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and was the inaugural Director of the Centre for the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation at UWA. Her passion in research is the mathematics of symmetry, since use of symmetry greatly simplifies complex problems.  Mathematically symmetry is measured by mathematical objects called groups. Cheryl's research has transformed our understanding of how groups act on large complex systems, through new theories, constructions, algorithms and designs, which exploit the classification of the finite simple groups. Cheryl is a passionate supporter and mentor of young scientists, especially women, having been a pioneer for women in mathematics, including as the first female president of the Australian Mathematical Society and only the second female mathematics professorial appointment in Australia. Cheryl's mathematical expertise and first-hand experience championing women in mathematics, combined with her experience in a variety of international scientific union and academy organisations, provide her with a broad perspective across the issues surrounding women in STEM.