Catherine Wheller

PhD Student (Earth Science)
The University of Melbourne
Communications Manager
The Natural History Museum (London)

Melbourne, VIC

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  • Mentoring
  • Sitting on boards or committees
  • Outreach activities
  • Conference presenting
  • Opportunities to collaborate


Catherine's research explores how minerals behave in rocks when they are subjected to high pressure and high temperature. What can a rock tell us about how it formed, and how does this tell us how a continent has evolved over billions of years?

This work involves remote fieldwork, metamorphic calculations (investigating pressure-temperature conditions recorded in the Earth's crust), and laboratory-based mineral analysis. 

Catherine is passionate about breaking down silos for research uptake, and is moving towards a career in strategic research communications for outreach, education and policy. 

Her personal highlights include developing communications strategies to increase public participation in a high profile global health trial in Benin, India and Malawi managed out the Natural History Museum in London; collecting rock samples in remote southern Madagascar, and leading public and school outreach activities through the University of Melbourne. 

Media experience include: 

  • Season 3, Episode 150 | Scope TV ABC
  • Nature Live | Natural History Museum
  • Screen test for presenter | Coast Australia BBC 
  • Science in the Media training | Science in Public (Australia)

Catherine competed her Honours degree (B. Science (Honours), major in Geology) at the University of Melbourne (2012) and is completing a PhD (Geology). She has worked as a university lecturer and in the museum communications field since 2016.