Catherine Royans

SWIFT Program Coordinator
Australian Institute of Machine Learning
PhD Student
School of Education, The University of Adelaide

Adelaide, SA

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Catherine completed her Graduate Diploma in Education in 2007 and dedicated herself to nurturing the next generation of female scientists. After 10 years of helplessly watching female students dropping STEM subjects, Catherine commenced a PhD at the University of Adelaide where she will identify why some girls continue with STEM careers and many do not.

Her fascination with science started in early childhood with investigations of caterpillars and the robustness of their respiratory system. This led to Catherine completing a degree in Genetics and Zoology, with Honours in Evolutionary Genetics at the University of Adelaide.

In addition to research and teaching, Catherine is the Program Coordinator for SWIFT (Strong Women in Future Technologies), a role that involves developing program content for teachers to help them promote careers in technology, and importantly, equip students with the tools to successfully follow this career path.