Caroline Tiddy

Senior Research Fellow
Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia
Coordinator, Education and Training Program
Executive Committee/Governing Council
Geological Society of Australia

Adelaide, SA

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My research interests are in addressing the global issue of decreasing metal inventory coupled with increasing demand, particularly with respect to exploration for copper and gold.  I am addressing this issue through development of new geochemical exploration tools and drilling technologies within the MinEx CRC at my home in the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia.  Geochemical tools include understanding which mineral phases can host geochemical signatures unique to mineral deposits and surrounding alteration zones, how these signatures can be dispersed and how they can be recognised within routinely collected datasets and/or portable technologies.  Drilling technologies include ensuring sample returned from development of a new coil-tubing drill rig for hard rock mineral exploration is representative of the rock package being drilled, is of high depth fidelity and high quality for use in geological analysis.

I am passionate about leadership through integrity, honesty and transparency.  I am keen to understand how gender diversity can be encouraged and developed in leadership levels within STEM disciplines in the academic, government and industry sectors, particularly within geosciences.  Mentoring and development of opportunities for students and early career geoscientists is also high on my agenda, and I do this through committee roles including the MinEx CRC Education and Training Program and the Geological Society of Australia.  I also enjoy giving back to the geoscience community through activity in organisation of conferences and events that encourage networking and collaboration.