Caroline Bray

Research Scientist

Brisbane, QLD

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Dr Caroline Bray completed her PhD in July 2018 from the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) under the supervision of Prof. Sébastien Perrier, and co-supervised by the Lubrizol Corporation. This research centred on the development of various polymer architectures using RAFT polymerisation, with efforts both towards oil and gas and therapeutic-targeted polymers. After completion of her PhD, Caroline embarked on a postdoctoral position at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) with Prof. Charlotte Williams, synthesising a range of polymers for solid-state batteries in collaboration with the Faraday Institution (SOLBAT Project). Caroline moved to Australia and joined the CSIRO team in February 2019, where her research concentrated on side-chain liquid crystal polymers using RAFT polymerization and the development of Smart Window Devices. Caroline has recently joined the Ending Plastic Waste Mission as a Research Scientist, diving into a range of exciting projects to support this initiative.

Caroline identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.