Carmen Munian

Business and Product Development Consultant
Munian Consulting
Head of Operations
Mums in Science, online networking platform

Sydney, NSW

Contact me for

  • Mentoring
  • Sitting on boards or committees
  • Providing an expert opinion
  • Outreach activities
  • Conference presenting
  • Opportunities to collaborate


As a Technical Consultant I help people and businesses globally, to turn their ideas into commercially viable products and services. I also support them with digital communications to help tell their story and attract customers.

At Mums in Science, I creative global initiatives to support STEM women stay in the field and return to work after a period of absence.

As an equality advocate I support disadvantaged groups with innovative solutions to age old problems, and support not for profits achieve their goals on a budget.

Career Highlights 
My career has brought many opportunities to challenge the perceptions of what a leader looks like. Over the last few years I:

  • received a patent,
  • developed in an vitro diagnostic (QuantiFeron TB Gold Plus) that detects disease in immune compromised and HIV positive patients,
  • developed a rapid test for diseases,
  • created a 5 step method for product development, and
  • established a Consultative Committee to support non-executive level staff in my Branch of the public service. 

I Provide Expert Advice About: 

  • End-to-end Product and Service development,
  • Technology Transfer, Operations, Risk Management,
  • Quality Assurance and Control,
  • Product improvement,
  • The differences functional differences between R&D, product development and innovation,
  • Compliance,
  • How STEM professionals can pivot to become business owners,
  • The challenges STEM women face,
  • Program development, and
  • Program management.

I Am Also Available To Speak On All Of The Above Topics


Carmen identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.