Carly Lubicz

PhD Candidate
Queensland University of Technology

Townsville, QLD

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I am interested in the intersection of media (including social media), politics and environmental policy. I was awarded a Master of Philosophy (Society & Culture) in 2022 from JCU. Here is a link to the thesis, which examined the 2021 UNESCO/IUCN recommendation to list the GBR as 'in danger' and how this was communicated across social media networks Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, including the role of mainstream media and other key actors in framing, re-framing and furthering information.  

I have since gone onto a PhD at QUT's Digital Media Research Centre as part of a five-year Australian Laureate Fellowship project: Determining the Drivers and Dynamics of Partisanship and Polarisation in Online Public Debate. My work is focusing on climate change discussions in Australia.

My varied pre-research career was in journalism, communications, small business, and government.

I'm fascinated by exploring connections, and disconnections, in communication spaces to understand how information is flowing, how knowledge is being shaped and contested, and the tactics involved. I am particularly passionate about this work in an environmental policy sense, and find human/environment binaries problematic for achieving optimal policy and wellbeing outcomes.