Caitlin Syme

Project Officer
Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist

Brisbane, QLD

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I am a palaeontologist and taphonomist based in Brisbane, Queensland. I investigate the death, burial, and fossilisation of ancient animals including dinosaurs, crocodiles, and fish from the Mesozoic (the age of dinosaurs). I use information from the forensic sciences coupled with records of decay in modern animals to interpret how these fossils formed, and tease apart any evidence that might point to how they died and what environment they lived in. 

My most recent work involved uncovering the taphonomic history of ~102-100 million year old (late Early Cretaceous) crocodile, dinosaur, and fish fossils from the Winton Formation at Isisford, Queensland. These fossils are found in round boulder-like sandstone concretions, and so I also investigated how these concretions formed.

I have previously worked on 61-56 million year old (Paleocene) shark and ray teeth fossils from the Boongerooda Greensand Formation in north-west Western Australia. I've also volunteered on a couple of field expeditions to limestone caves in the Nullarbor Desert, and Alcoota Research Station in the Northern Territory.