Brittany Dahl

Solutions Engineer
STEM Coach
Curious Minds

Canberra, ACT

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Brittany Dahl is a Solutions Engineer at NGIS. Her passion is for projects that build a meaningful and sustainable future. Brittany has helped organisations utilise new geospatial and earth observation technology and great user experiences through web mapping. Her background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) science, and experience across non-profit organisations has led her to empower clients from a vast array of industries to make data-driven decisions. 

She has a keen interest in future foods and consumer behaviour, and was the Regional Coordinator of Thought For Food (TFF) for Oceania. TFF is a global nonprofit dedicated to empowering young people everywhere in the world with the skills, connections, and mindsets they need to transform our food system. TFF has engaged 20,000+ young people from 175 countries, catalyzed the creation of thousands of new business ideas, and helped launch over 50 successful startups.