Bonnie Teece

PhD candidate
Casual Academic
Casual Academic
Macquarie University

Sydney, NSW

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I am an astrobiologist and science communicator. My work examines how to look for life on Earth and Mars, as well as how engagement can increase scientific understanding.
I come from a low SES background and entered university through alternative pathways after I did not complete high school. I have since gained a Bachelor of Arts and Science, a Master of Research (with high distinction) and am currently completing my PhD at UNSW.
I have a particular interest in better supporting students from backgrounds like mine. I enjoy mentoring students and have taken part in the Brain Stem and Curious Minds programs as a mentor.
I have 4 years experience teaching at university in science communication, astrobiology and geology courses. I am the Deputy Director of Praxical an education initiative where we believe the best way to learn science is to do science. And I work for an EU Horizon2020 funded project called 'COALA' as their science communication officer.

Bonnie identifies as neurodiverse.