Bita Bayatsarmadi

Research Scientist

Melbourne, VIC

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  • Mentoring
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  • Providing an expert opinion
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  • Opportunities to collaborate


I am a Chemical Engineer with specialties in electrochemistry, material synthesis/characterisation and process engineering. I have completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in Iran (2007 and 2011, respectively) and my PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Adelaide in 2017. I have joined CSIRO (Australia's National Research Agency) as postdoctoral fellow in 2017 working on development of novel flow electrochemical reactor. This work has led to interest from a major international corporation and strong research collaborative links with national and international experts. I have published and presented my research findings in peer reviewed journals and conferences. I was also awarded 2015 Australian Endeavour Fellowship, 2019 Victoria Fellowship and 2020 CMR ECR science achievement award.

With working in multicultural research groups in Australia as well as working in a number of large scale, multidisciplinary oil and gas projects as a process safety engineer back home, I have deep understanding of strategic communication, interpersonal and writing skills. I’m fully familiar with drafting competitive proposals for fellowships, business development and commercial solutions, managing project timelines, deliverables and identify corrective actions. This also has given me a range of practical capabilities to work collaboratively with people from diverse technical and cultural background. 

Bita identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.