Bianca Warnock

Sciren Pty Ltd
Science Translator
Sciren Pty Ltd

Adelaide, SA

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Earlier this year, I co-founded Sciren, a science translation and mentoring company designed to help the public understand scientific content. What does that new COVID-19 research paper really mean? How can teachers teach "Science as a Human Endeavour"? Why does my Tasmanian Mountain Pepper turn pick when I crush it in olive oil...? Science is everywhere and we can all understand it, so long as we feel included. By translating the science, everyone is involved, from researchers, to media, to kids.

I was previously the outreach coordinator for the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide. In this role I created and managed Why Waite, a lab-based STEM outreach program for secondary schools. I am immensely proud of the product I created; it is the direct result of my hard work and determination to create a sustainable program to encourage young minds to see themselves as the future of science.

I was inspired to pursue a future in science when I attended the CSIRO student labs at Wayville, SA, during my secondary schooling. I used equipment I couldnt even spell! The excitement bubbled when I understood how each piece worked and I appreciated my place in a lab.

Encouraging students to feel they are a part of the world of science has been a strong passion of mine for many years. I completed my PhD in 2014 and worked for several years in plant cell wall research. I have since dedicated my time to the development of the Why Waite program. I have undertaken several official and unofficial roles attempting to immerse myself in this role over the past decade. I am constantly trying to take on more roles just to improve or learn new skills. Its creating havoc with my stress but I cant help it- I love it!

Trying to unite people in science is important to me. I like to see it as though I'm joining people matrimony...Hence, I have decided to call myself, a Science Celebrant! I love science, and I want everyone to celebrate in science too!