Arjumand Banu Khan

STEM Entrepreneur/ Environmental Scientist and Science Communicator
STEM Catalyst

North Melbourne, VIC

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# Arjumand Khan is an Entrepreneur /  Environmental Scientist and Science Communicator. She is the founder of STEM Catalyst, a grassroots community organization established by Culturally and linguistically diverse STEM professional women. 

She takes the lead in sharing her knowledge and passion for nature and science through offering a wide array of STEM-based activities. She is highly motivational and a strong advocate for promoting STEM education. 

 Arjumand has been the President of the Multicultural Urdu Speaking Women’s Social Group, She volunteers for Sustainability Task Force Committee supporting Council to make decisions on complex environmental issues. She is a member of the Royal Society of Victoria and the Australian Citizen Science Association(VIC Chapter).


Arjumand Banu identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.