Anneliese Ashhurst

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
The University of Sydney

Sydney, NSW

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Dr Anneliese Ashhurst (née Tyne) is a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Sydney, working with the laboratories of Professor Richard Payne (School of Chemistry) and Associate Professor Scott Byrne (Infectious Diseases and Immunology). Anneliese is a research immunologist with a background in studying the host immune response to tuberculosis and influenza, with an interest in vaccines or drug therapies designed for pulmonary delivery. In collaboration with the laboratory of Professor Warwick Britton (Centenary Institute), she continues to be involved in the development of a number of novel TB vaccine candidates. Her more recent research interests are in the development of therapies that may be used to control inappropriate inflammation, with a focus on skin conditions such as psoriasis. She is also passionate about teaching science to students at all stages of their education, and to help communicate the role medical research plays in our community.