Alina Thomas

Managing Director
Engender Equaltiy

Hobart, TAS

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  • Mentoring
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  • Opportunities to collaborate


Alina Thomas has an established career in the Community Sector with over 20 years of experience across a range of health and community projects, with a focus on women and wellbeing.

Alina delivers leaderships with vision, passion and expertise that combines consultation with clear strategic management.

Alina’s skills include enabling marginalised communities, community development, project management, financial management, community education and evaluation, and has a reputation as a progressive change agent committed to developing community-driven solutions to inequality, marginalisation and dis-engagement.

Alina has a sound standing as a spokesperson on domestic violence and gender inequality in Tasmania. In her representation of women, Alina considers the diversity of the community and strives for inclusion and equal access of all women regardless of their lived experience, identity or socio-economic background.