Muchineripi Harry

Masters student, studying Agricultural Science (Plant Protection)
The university of Queensland
Agricultural Scientific officer, Crop Production
Ministry of Agriculture, Botswana

Brisbane, QLD

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I am a confident, loyal and dedicated young woman who has an ambition to succeed in the world of Agricultural  production. I am enthusiastic about plant protection especially pathology and agricultural extension where i will be sharing my knowledge with farmers to solve their crop production problems. I have worked with a diverse group of people including the disadvantaged groups which are the disables, people living under extreme poverty in rural areas, women and the old.With my five years experience working in the Ministry of Agriculture, Botswana I have identified problems that hinder our farmers from not benefiting from their hard work some of which together with them, have managed to overcome but there is still a lot to be done. 

As an extension worker, I want to gain knowledge and skills of bring able to work with farmers to help them get the high quality and quantity production by being able to apply the neccessary management, pest and disease control methods. I want to see the disadvantaged being able to sustain  and develop their lives through crop production, more especially women who single parents and also breadwinners for their extended families. I am interested in researches that will come up with ways of improving the lives of farmers through crop production and horticulture and ultimately resulting into self sufficiency of food for communities.

Currently i am working on my masters research project that focuses on plant protection and ways of helping plants to resist harsh conditions, which i am hoping to publish in the future.