Ipek Soylu

Research Assistant
University of Technology Sydney
Teaching Associate
University of Technology Sydney

Sydney, NSW

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Dr. Ipek Soylu has a Ph.D. degree in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney for biomedical science. Before her Ph.D. degree, she completed her bachelor`s degree in Bioengineering with first honor from Marmara University, Turkey, and currently, she is a research assistant at the University of Technology Sydney. 
Her research focus can merge bioengineering to molecular biology. The most significant advantage of it is to design a medical device with engineering and biology perspectives.
The research focus during her Ph.D. was designing antimicrobial coral-based bioceramics contained polymeric coating for the metallic medical implants and its drug delivery application. It aimed to combine drug delivery systems with implantable materials to avoid surgical side-related infections and osteomyelitis. Therefore, she has worked on biomaterials for biomedical applications, human stem cell development and differentiation techniques, and proteomics. 
Recently, she is working on cell engineering and intracellular delivery techniques for cell-based therapy.