Honja Miharisoa Ramanandraibe EP ANDRIAMANALINA

The University of Queensland

Brisbane, QLD

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I am from a country where women are still experiencing discrimination and considered according to our culture as " Fanaka Malemy " meaning they are born to be  ' housewives" and spend their lifetime at home, just taking care of the family. Apparently, they do not have their place in the society.

I have a passion  for science . I completed my Bachelor 's degrees in Surveying engineering and Petroleum engineering in Madagascar. I am currently undertaking a Master of Petroleum engineering at the University of Queensland. I was the first female working as a Petroleum engineer  in Madagascar. I took that opportunity to change the perception of women by the Malagasy society, to show that women are valuable and they have the responsibility as men to contribute to the community and nation's development, and encourage young girls do be more involved in  STEM. After my study completion, as I value education as the best weapon to eradicate poverty and drive my country to its development , I plan to bring my contribution to the improvement of education by teaching at both public and private universities.

Honja Miharisoa identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse.