Bianca Kyriacou

outreach program manager
Why Waite
Science Celebrant

Adelaide, SA

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I am currently the outreach coordinator for the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide. In this role I have created and now manage Why Waite, a lab-based STEM outreach program for secondary schools. I am immensely proud of the product Ive created; it is the direct result of my hard work and determination to create a sustainable program to encourage young minds to see themselves as the future of science.

I was inspired to pursue a future in science when I attended the CSIRO student labs at Wayville, SA, during my secondary schooling. I used equipment I couldnt even spell! The excitement bubbled when I understood how each piece worked and I appreciated my place in a lab.

Encouraging students to feel they are a part of the world of science has been a strong passion of mine for many years. I completed my PhD in 2014 and worked for several years in plant cell wall research. I have since dedicated my time to the development of the Why Waite program. I have undertaken several official and unofficial roles attempting to immerse myself in this role over the past decade. I am constantly trying to take on more roles just to improve or learn new skills. Its creating havoc with my stress but I cant help it- I love it!

Trying to unite people in science, whether it's on the Waite campus, or in secondary school transitioning to tertiary education is important to me. I like to see it as though I'm joining people matrimony...Hence, I have decided to call myself, a Science Celebrant! I love science, and I want everyone to celebrate in science too!